Eat Popcorn!

I just wrote an article for about the benefits of eating healthy popcorn as a snack at work. Check it out:

Also, thanks to my fellow blogger Anna’s Adventures in Health for the great post about making your own popcorn šŸ™‚

What do you guys like to put on your popcorn to make it delicious?


About Tommy Openchowski
Planning worksite health promotion programs and using my Masters in Health Promotion Management, Certificate in Nutrition Education, and CHES Certification as my knowledge base. I've run four marathons and am constantly trying to find road races - of any distance - to keep myself moving. I love trying new foods and new recipes and figuring out why the foods I eat are good for me and ideal fuel for my running. My goal is to use this blog to share my love for living a healthy life to my readers.

3 Responses to Eat Popcorn!

  1. anne-marie says:

    great! will try the popping corn in paper bag thing. Looks easy!

  2. awesome..glad I could help inspire you! I’ve been loving it with nutritional yeast and chili powder lately!

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