Happy Hour vs. Exercise

What’s your way of dealing with workplace stress? While heading to the local watering hole with your coworkers may seem like an enticing idea, blowing off steam and clearing your head by going for a run or hitting the gym will probably do a better job getting you to de-stress.

I work for a company that designs workplace wellness programs and encourages people to be more physically active and lead healthier lives. While admittedly it can be difficult for me and my coworkers to practice that same philosophy at times, our company has started to try and make it easier on us by offering us a “Bootcamp” class once a month after work.

They have a personal trainer from a nearby gym come in and put us through the ringer for an hour; doing an hour of a mixture of cardio – including running laps inside the office – and strength training. Squat jumps, burpees, mountain climbers, lunges…pretty much everything you can imagine!

What’s great is that we have upper management participating with us in these Bootcamps, so we really feel their support and engagement in the wellness program. In a previous post I wrote about how vital upper level support is in any wellness program’s success, so it’s great to see that we practice what we preach.

I can say that there are days where I sit at my desk, getting ready to leave work for the day, and I think to myself: happy hour or exercise? Having tried both I can honestly say that it’s no contest: exercise is a sure-fire way to clear your head and get your mind off anything negative that happened earlier in the day. Not to mention it’s healthier too 🙂

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


About Tommy Openchowski
Planning worksite health promotion programs and using my Masters in Health Promotion Management, Certificate in Nutrition Education, and CHES Certification as my knowledge base. I've run four marathons and am constantly trying to find road races - of any distance - to keep myself moving. I love trying new foods and new recipes and figuring out why the foods I eat are good for me and ideal fuel for my running. My goal is to use this blog to share my love for living a healthy life to my readers.

One Response to Happy Hour vs. Exercise

  1. Danny says:

    Just like you, I’m absolutely convinced that exercise is way healthier than happy hour, and not only for the body, but indeed also for the mind !!
    But for me it’s easier to live by that conviction (since years !), because we don’t know the “happy hour” concept over here… :-p

    Next week I’m in DC, and I will surely take my gear to have a few runs on the treadmill at the hotel, either before or after work. That way, I won’t mess up my weekly training schedule !!
    But I will surely try out your Happy Hour too, but not every day of course… 😉

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