A New Running Route around the National Mall

So I’m working on a post (will be up tomorrow) but in the meantime, here’s a route I like to do when I need to get away from my desk for a bit. I call it my 4 Mile Lunch Loop. For those of you who work/live downtown, I’m sure you know how running on the Mall is such a unique and amazing experience; and for those of you who haven’t tried it yet…get out there and go for it! I know it’s cold, but gear up and go!

You can make variations on this route by going here, entering 20001 as the zip code and then mapping your route! Have fun with it! Post variations as comments if you can, so other people who may be reading can see where you’re running.


3 Mile Loop Starting at Conn. Ave & Porter St.

By request here’s a 3 mile route in another part of NW DC (click on it to enlarge it). Enjoy!

4 Mile Loop in NW DC

3 Mile Running Route in NW DC

Here’s a route I do with Mal when we get home for work and want to go for a quick run.