Fairfax Four Miler

Registration is now open for the New Year’s Eve race in Fairfax. Mal and I ran it last year and it’s a ton of fun. It starts at 6pm and it’s a quick and easy 4 mile route through the George Mason University campus. Starting at 6pm still leaves you plenty of time to get home, get cleaned up and hit the town to ring in 2012. Go HERE to register. Hope to see you there!


Countdown to Marine Corps: 4 DAYS!

That’s right. The marathon is this weekend! I don’t exactly know how to feel about this one…right now I would have to say it’s a weird combination of nervous and excited. I have been fairly consistent with my training, but I don’t feel as prepared as I did for my previous two marathons. I guess that’s what happens when you get married, honeymoon, buy a home, work full-time, and go to grad school full-time 🙂

So now it’s the all-important week-before-the-marathon and I’m trying to make all the right decisions in the days leading up to my dabbling into the always-intimidating world of 26.2. This means being smart about my workouts, watching what I eat, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep.

My workouts this week are all low-key and are designed only to keep my legs loose and active. I ran 3 easy miles on Monday and I’ll do the same today and Friday. I’m not trying to run as fast as I can. Not even close. Just reminding my body what running feels like and trying to prepare it for Sunday. Hopefully it holds up!

What about getting the right fuel for your body? You have to eat right before running any distance, but definitely before a marathon. The night before one of my long training runs I didn’t eat enough and I barely made it through my run. Nutrition is the key and I think a lot of people aren’t sure exactly how best to prepare in the week before the marathon. Obviously everyone is different, so the most important bit of advice is to do what works best for you. For example, I knew someone who told me she always eats General Tso’s chicken the night before all her races, no matter the distance. If I tried that, I wouldn’t be able to make it past mile one, so do what works for you!

You tend to get the best results from carbo-loading if you start about 36 hours before the race start, so that means I should start on Friday night. And no, that doesn’t mean stuffing my face with fettuccine alfredo like Michael Scott!

It means eating a good balance of whole wheat pasta and other whole grains (like quinoa, brown rice, bulgur, etc.) to build up my glycogen stores which will give me as much energy as possible on Sunday. I’ll also be mixing in some lean proteins (like chicken breast or shrimp), a veggie, and a fruit or a Greek yogurt for dessert. It’s basically my normal diet, but I’ll have larger portions of the carbs than I usually do. Rule of thumb, as Mal says, is don’t eat anything “controversial” 🙂

So drinking enough water and getting enough sleep are pretty self-explanatory and I won’t bore you with an explanation on how to really stay hydrated and hit your REMs. I’ll leave that up to you.

What tips do you have for preparing for a marathon? Any readers running Marine Corps this weekend? Comment and share your success stories!

Clarendon Day is this weekend!

This weekend there is a full-on party in Arlington. There is a race but even if you’re not signed up you should still come to Clarendon and enjoy some of the festivities on Saturday. Check out the website to get some general info about the party here: http://clarendonday.org/

And then, of course, there’s the 10K/5K run. This is a blog about running, after all 🙂

Mal and I are signed up and are going to run the 10K before we head down south for our friends Megan and Victor’s wedding – so exciting!

Here’s the race’s website (there’s still time to sign up): http://pacersevents.com/clarendondayrun/index.html

Oh, and this is a Pacers Event, so you KNOW it’s going to be expertly organized and TONS of fun!

Hope to see you all there!

Some upcoming DC-area races…sign up now!

Looking for a road race this fall? You’re in luck! Check these out:

The Clarendon Day Run (10K, 5K, and Kids Dash) on September 24. I did this one last year and am doing it again this year. It’s a really cool race! Here’s the website to register: Clarendon Day Run

The Marine Corps Marathon on October 30. Ok, registration is closed for the marathon but you can still register for the 10K (and then cheer for all the marathon runners – including Mal and me).  Here the info for the 10K: Marine Corps 10K.

The Edgemoor 5K on November 6. I can’t do it this year but it’s a nice neighborhood race near Bethesda, MD where I grew up. Definitely worth checking it out! Here the website: Edgemoor 5K

The Veteran’s Day 10K on November 13 in West Potomac Park. Great flat course for those of you who want to run your first 10K or try to set a new personal best. Here’s the registration site: Veteran’s Day 10K

The Turkey Chase 10K/2 mile run on November 24 in Bethesda, MD. I have been running this Thanksgiving morning race for years now. There’s no better way to start a day of pigging out on delicious comfort food than by going for a quick 6.2 mile run 🙂 There are tons of other Turkey-related races, but this one is my favorite. Here’s the website: Turkey Chase

The Festivus 5K on December 3. I’ve never done this one but it’s a Pacers race (they’re always great) and it’s based on a George Costanza reference…you can’t go wrong here. No registration yet, but keep checking the site: Festivus Run

The Hot Chocolate 15K/5K, also on December 3 at the National Harbor in MD. Once again, I’ve never done this race but it’s an awesome concept and looks like a really fun race. Sign up here: Chocolate Run

The Jingle All the Way 10K on December 11. This one is also in West Potomac Park and it was a lot of fun last year. I ran it with Mal and a bunch of my AU friends and we had a blast. They give you jingle bells to put on your shoes, so the race lives up to its name! Register here: Jingle All The Way

I’ll have another post for you guys tomorrow!

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler







Even though I didn’t get picked in the very competitive lottery for this year’s Cherry Blossom 10 Mile run, I went downtown to cheer on some people I know who were luckier than I was. So, congrats to everyone I know who ran it! Comment here and let me know how it was!

National Half Marathon TOMORROW!

Mal and I, together with our friends Cat, Kevin, and Kathryn (anyone else running who is reading?) are running the National Half Marathon tomorrow morning. Come out and cheer us and the other runners on!

Here’s the course, as well as some other useful info (like road closures) so you can plan where to look for us.

Race recap to follow on Monday. Hope to see you all tomorrow 🙂


Marine Corps Marathon Registration Starts Today!

Attention anyone who wants to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon: registration opens TODAY at noon!


Here’s the link.


I’ve heard they probably won’t sell out until the weekend, but you might as well commit and sign up today so you can start mentally preparing yourself for the race on October 30. Mal and I ran it last year and it was such a great, flat course with spectators to help you all the way to 26.2 (and the Finisher’s Medal was awesome). We’re going to do it again this year and you should too!