Paula Deen has diabetes

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Paula Deen has diabetes




Eat Popcorn!

I just wrote an article for about the benefits of eating healthy popcorn as a snack at work. Check it out:

Also, thanks to my fellow blogger Anna’s Adventures in Health for the great post about making your own popcorn 🙂

What do you guys like to put on your popcorn to make it delicious?

Georgia’s new anti-childhood obesity ads: fair or foul?

I just saw this and had to pass it along:


I won’t even write all that much because I’m curious to hear what you all think about the ads. The ads are very controversial and people are appalled at how in-your-face they are. I think that while something has to be done to raise awareness about the childhood obesity epidemic (and yes it is an epidemic), but I’m not sure this is the right solution. The ads come across very accusatory and several of my classmates and I think they could possibly lead to further bullying of kids who are struggling with their weight.

What about putting the parents who are feeding their kids junk on the posters instead? How about singling out fast food chains and food makers who consistently pump out the junk food that is making our next generation the first one in history that has a shorter life expectancy than our parents?

I could go on and on, but I want to hear what you guys think. Click in the “leave a reply” box below and leave your thoughts here.

My newest post on

I just posted an article about energy-boosting beverages. Check it out here and let me know what you think:

Energy-Boosting-Beverage Myth Busting


A quick at-home workout

So I got home last night and felt like working out but didn’t want to venture to the gym. Instead of giving up and deciding to sit on the couch, watch TV, and tell myself that I should work out, I decided to write up a quick, easy workout designed to get me sweating and to get my heart rate up quickly and maintain it at that high level to maximize results. Muscle strength, endurance, and some cardio as well…what a trifecta!

The workout looked like this:

  • 12 squat jumps (exactly what it sounds like…squat down as low as you can while keeping your back straight, and then launch yourself as high as you can go in one explosive movement)
  • Lying face-up on the ground and holding your legs straight out for one minute (ab work)
  • Lunges (I had one leg elevated to add some balance work) – 12 on each leg
  • 1 minute of plank (Here’s a video about the plank: PLANK) I added the twists you see in the video – touching my hips to the ground side-to-side – and then I also kicked one leg at a time up toward my chest
  • Supermans (Here’s a video to help explain these: SUPERMAN); 12 on each side
  • Burpees (these are no fun, but they’re absolutely awesome. Here’s a video – the guy is pretty terrible on camera but he does a good job explaining: BURPEES); I did 15 as fast as I could, but maybe do a cycle where you do 5, rest for 30 seconds, and then repeat until you have gone about 4 mins., so about 20 burpees total.
  • Oblique twists (Here’s a video in case you want to see how it’s done: OBLIQUE TWISTS; you can use weight –a medicine ball or anything else – like the guy in the video to make it more challenging, but doing these with no weight is also great) 20 “taps” on each side
  • Side Plank with hip dips (Here’s a helpful video to explain it: SIDE PLANK); I held the side plank for 15 seconds and then did 10 hip dips on each side.

That’s one set. I didn’t rest much between each exercise, but if you need to, that’s ok! Take about a minute between each exercise.

Try to make your way through the workout two more times, taking about 3-5 minutes of rest in between each of the three sets. I guarantee that your heart will be racing!

If you have any feedback or other great at-home workout tips, feel free to comment below!

DC Nutrition Examiner

That’s my new title! I am now the DC Nutrition Examiner for and I will be writing 2 (or so) articles a week about nutrition in and around DC!

Don’t worry loyal readers…I will still update and write for runfreedc too! Now you’ll just have another place to read my writing 🙂

I’m very excited for this opportunity and I hope you will read and enjoy my articles on!

Here is my profile page:

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Fairfax Four Miler

Registration is now open for the New Year’s Eve race in Fairfax. Mal and I ran it last year and it’s a ton of fun. It starts at 6pm and it’s a quick and easy 4 mile route through the George Mason University campus. Starting at 6pm still leaves you plenty of time to get home, get cleaned up and hit the town to ring in 2012. Go HERE to register. Hope to see you there!